Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

Outlining our support for Europe's Beating Cancer Plan:

The launch of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan on Wednesday, 3rd of February 2021, marked a momentous day of hope for the cancer community. For many years, health, and specifically cancer, took a low position on the EU Commission’s agenda. Now, with a shift in priority orchestrated by the current Commission, cancer is being given the attention it deserves. The Beating Cancer Plan is set to transform cancer prevention, detection, treatment and management of cancer in the EU, as well as reduce health inequalities between and within Member States at a pan-tumour level.

Overall the content of the plan is encouraging, however, there is no notable reference to rare cancers, and in particular, head and neck cancer. Therefore, the EHNS has published a Letter of Support via its Make Sense campaign to the key members of the European Commission to highlight areas that we would like amended, whilst also outlining five key action points that align with the 2020 Make Sense campaign White Paper with specific relation to head and neck cancer.

Action points summary

  1. Actively engage in prevention strategies for head and neck cancer
  2. Support early diagnosis and referral to qualified healthcare professionals
  3. Promote multidisciplinary care as a standardised best practice approach for patients across Europe
  4. Advocate for highest standards of post-treatment care
  5. Dedicate EU and national research and innovation funds and support further research on head and neck cancer to improve prevention strategies, treatment options, rehabilitation, and survivorship programmes, and ultimately outcomes, for all patients

Download and read the full Letter of Support from the EHNS and Make Sense campaign to the European Commission regarding their Beating Cancer Plan here: