About the Campaign

The Make Sense campaign is a unique and exciting initiative by the European Head and Neck Society (EHNS), led by Prof. Wojciech Golusinski and Prof. C. René Leemans. The EHNS is a multidisciplinary body that brings medical experts together from many disciplines, including head and neck cancer specialists, oral and plastic surgeons, radiation therapists, medical oncologists, imaging specialists and pathologists. The society also brings together other stakeholders, including speech therapists, cancer nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, social workers, basic scientists and patient organisations involved in any aspect of head and neck cancer.

Through the Make Sense campaign, the EHNS aims to raise awareness of head and neck cancer symptoms and subsequently drive earlier presentation, diagnosis and referral.

The EHNS developed the campaign mission statement to clearly communicate the purpose of the Make Sense campaign:

The Make Sense campaign, run by the EHNS, aims to raise awareness of head and neck cancer and ultimately improve outcomes for patients with the disease. It will do this by:
Driving awareness and education
Encouraging earlier presentation, diagnosis and referral
Improving care of patients

The EHNS aims to promote the exchange of knowledge between head and neck cancer experts to encourage the highest standards of research, education and training, disease prevention and patient care.

For more information on the society, please visit: www.ehns.org