White Paper

Updated priorities and a drive for change

Head and neck cancer: The ‘curable’ cancer that kills half of sufferers is an update of the White Paper we released in 2013, including a new foreword from Cristian Bușoi, MEP and Chair of the European Parliament Challenge Cancer Intergroup. The paper, authored by several eminent head and neck cancer specialists, looks holistically at the head and neck cancer landscape across Europe, from awareness to diagnosis, treatment and survivor care. Despite major progress in the treatment of head and neck cancer, the prevalence of the disease has increased in Europe since our first White Paper seven years ago and awareness is still dangerously low. This is why we need urgent action now.

To drive change for head and neck cancer patients in Europe, we are calling on our supporters to align with our five point plan of action:

  • Actively engage in prevention strategies for head and neck cancer
  • Support early diagnosis and referral to qualified healthcare professionals
  • Promote multidisciplinary care as a standardised best practice approach for patients across Europe
  • Advocate for highest standards of post-treatment care
  • Dedicate EU and national research and innovation funds to support further research on head and neck cancer

Download and read the full White Paper here: