Third European Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Week

21–25 September 2015

Advocating for care that makessense
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Did you know that each year 350,000 people are diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer across Europe, and over half of these will not be alive after 5 years? However, if treated early, patients can have an 80 – 90% survival rate.

This year we are #UnitingVoices across Europe to help give Head and Neck Cancer patients a voice, and raise awareness of the disease to improve patient outcomes – and we want you to get involved!

Find out more on our #UnitingVoices Page

Make Sense Bus

We need your support in getting our 1for3 Make Sense bus on the road! With your help we want to have the 1for3 bus touring across Europe and providing information on head and neck cancer, as well as offering free screening to the general public.

Find out more at our GoFundMe page.

Older couple Read our real life stories of people who are living with head & neck cancer